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Links to our allies in the fight for equal rights and justice for all North Carolinians.

Alliance of AIDS Services – Carolina
This group provides emergency assistance to help meet basic financial and practical needs of an estimated 800 people living with HIV and AIDS in the Triangle.

American Civil Liberties Union – North Carolina (ACLU-NC)
The ACLU seeks to secure, protect and defend the freedoms and civil liberties of all North Carolinians through litigation, legislation and public education and to educate the people of North Carolina about their legal rights, civil rights and freedoms through empowerment, outreach and open forums.

Common Sense Foundation
The Common Sense Foundation is a North Carolina non-partisan public policy organization whose primary goal is to ensure that state government and the political process attend to the interrelated economic, political, social and cultural needs of those who are systematically denied access to power.

Conservation Council of North Carolina (CCNC)
The CCNC is a statewide lobbying organization dedicated to advocating on behalf of North Carolina's environment.

Covenant with North Carolina’s Children
The Covenant’s purpose is to advance public policy to benefit North Carolina’s children, and is divided into eight work groups: Child Welfare & Protection, Early Childhood, Economic Security, Education, Health, Juvenile Justice, Mental Health and Safety. Equality NC is proud to be a member of this coalition.

Democracy North Carolina
Democracy North Carolina is a nonpartisan organization working to fulfill the promise of "one person, one vote," the bedrock principle of equal rights and self-determination.

Ipas has worked for three decades to increase women's ability to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights and to reduce deaths and injuries of women from unsafe abortion.

Metrolina AIDS Project (MAP)
MAP improves the lives of individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS and strives to prevent further spread of this disease through services, education and client advocacy.

NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina
This group believes in promoting a culture of freedom and personal responsibility by focusing on preventing unintended pregnancies and reducing the need for abortion through increasing access to family planning services, access to affordable birth control and by providing comprehensive age-appropriate sex education.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People – North Carolina (NAACP-NC)
The NAACP works to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination.

NetCorps offers a variety of technology planning, assistance and support services to nonprofit organizations.

North Carolina AIDS Action Network (NCAAN)
NCAAN is a community network that educates policy makers and all people in North Carolina about HIV/AIDS. The network's mission is to reduce new infections, promote quality care and treatment services for North Carolina and mobilize North Carolinians to take action. Equality NC is a proud member of this coalition.

North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCCADV)

The NCCADV is a community of agencies and individuals who serve battered women and their children. They are committed to building a society in which our shared beliefs and institutions discourage violence against women.

North Carolina Coalition for Lobby Reform (NCCLR)
NCCLR is a nonpartisan collaboration of more than 50 of North Carolina’s conservative and progressive organizations and leaders pushing for further legislation to toughen our lobbying and ethics laws. Equality North Carolina is a proud member of this coalition.

North Carolina Community Shares
This group is a statewide federation of over thirty non-profit, community-based organizations dedicated to working for a more progressive North Carolina. Equality NC Foundation is a proud member of this workplace giving campaign.

North Carolina Council of Churches
The NC Council of Churches, which draws together 15 Christian denominations and includes interfaith participants, is at the forefront of progressive social issues.

North Carolina Women United (NCWU)
NCWU is a consensus-based coalition of organizations committed to achieving full equality and empowerment for women. Equality NC is a proud member of this coalition.

Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina
Planned Parenthood’s mission is to ensure access to comprehensive reproductive health care while protecting an individual's right to privacy and choice. It also advocates public policies which guarantee these rights and access to such services, as well as providing educational programs on human sexuality and working to meet the needs of diverse communities.

Triad Health Project (THP)
THP provides emotional and practical support to individuals living with HIV/AIDS, to their loved ones, and to those at risk for HIV/AIDS; implements strategies to educate those at risk and the community about HIV/AIDS; and advocates locally, regionally, and nationally for individuals and groups infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Planned Parenthood Health Systems
PPHS provides accessible, high-quality health care and information to clients and serves as advocate and educator to the community on responsible human sexuality.

Carolina Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (RAIN)
RAIN engages the community to transform lives and promote respect and dignity for people living with HIV/AIDS. The group provides practical, emotional and spiritual support; prevention education and awareness; pastoral support; support specific to minorities; and advocacy.

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