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Equality NC has successfully passed monumental legislation for the LGBTQ community – including the groundbreaking School Violence Prevention Act.

Working in partnership with broad-based coalitions and grassroots activities, Equality NC is committed to building a better future for all North Carolinians by protecting youth, strengthening families and empowering communities.


Equality NC works tirelessly to help the state secure the most comprehensive protections in the nation while focusing on creating a North Carolina that fosters respect, dignity and equality for all LGBT people, including in the workplace and on the job.

Transgender Rights

Transgender North Carolinians often face prejudice based on their actual or perceived gender identity or expression. Equality NC’s nondiscrimination work has focused on workplace and employment protections, equal access to health care and housing, public accommodations, and safe school environments.

Safe Schools

Equality NC works to secure protections for all youth, including those who identify as LGBT, so they can grow and learn in an environment that is free from harassment, bullying and discrimination, including enforcement and implementation of the groundbreaking School Violence Prevention Act.


Equality NC diligently advocates for HIV/AIDS risk reduction, prevention, counseling, treatment and testing.

Hospital Visitation

In 2008, Equality NC secured a statewide provision helping ensure that same-sex partners and other loved ones are treated the same as immediate family for the purposes of hospital visitation. These changes would become a model for Federal Hospital Visitation Rules implemented by the Obama Administration in 2010. Learn more >>>

Parental Rights

In a state where second-parent adoption is illegal, it is of the utmost importance that North Carolina protect its most vulnerable families and their children. Equality NC works with coalition efforts to support same-sex couples in their parental rights, including adoption, visitation and custody.

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