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Equality NC is proud to support the work of LGBTQ elected officials serving in different capacities all across North Carolina. Our Out Electeds program is a bipartisan network of elected officials who are openly LGBTQ, representing communities from across North Carolina and at every level of local and state government. Out Electeds serves as a coalition-building mechanism for individuals committed to achieving full equality through their work for marginalized folks across our state. Our Out Electeds Program contains four components:

  • Networking: It’s important that LGBTQ elected officials have space to congregate and build relationships and community outside of the hustle and bustle of the legislative session, including with our Electeds for Equality. Part of this program is simply to get folks in the room to support each other. There are currently 25 elected LGBTQ officials in our state. Members of both Out Electeds and Electeds for Equality convene for networking and planning opportunities throughout the year.
  • Mentoring & Pipeline: Many people feel compelled to run for office, but they don’t know the mechanics of how to get a bill drafted or what exactly being an elected candidate entails. Our Out Electeds help mentor and shape the future of queer elected officials in North Carolina and create a pipeline for successful campaigns.
  • Cultural Competency Training: While this particular group of elected officials may identify as LGBTQ, there is a key difference between being a member of the LGBTQ community and being an LGBTQ advocate. Equality NC provides educational opportunities and trainings in order to better equip our leaders to make informed legislative and media decisions with the whole LGBTQ community in mind, while having the language and cultural competency to talk about these experiences.
  • Rapid Response: ENC knows that an informed base of constituents and elected officials is the single most effective tool for defeating anti-equality policies and laws. We want our LGBTQ officials to remain abreast of legislative attacks on our communities and fully equipped to respond in a timely fashion. This is true for bills across the municipal, state and federal levels. Equality NC is committed to ensuring that queer elected officials have all of the tools and resources that they need to meet challenges head-on.

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