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Mar 31, 2014

Equality NC Announces #Married364 Actions

North Carolina's married, same-sex couples deserve to be recognized as married for *all* purposes and all days of the year, including Tax Day. Unfortunately, thanks to new, inequitable tax policies, married, same-sex couples must report that they are not married on the day they file their state taxes. In essence, in North Carolina they're married only 364 days a year.

Equality NC joins with our partners Equality Virginia, South Carolina Equality and Campaign for Southern Equality, to host an array of #Married364 actions, activities, and events to elevate voices of those impacted by inequitable laws.

Share why you're protesting couples forced to be #Married364. Tag @equalitync and #Married364.

#Married364 NC "Ring Off and Renewal"
April 15, 2014, 4:30 p.m.

Join us on Tax Day as we protest these burdensome policies that unfairly target LGBT families living and working in the Tar Heel State, as tax experts, faith leaders, and impacted couples come together to share how they're harmed by North Carolina tax directives. Same-sex couples and allies are encouraged to attend in a coordinated and collective "ring off" to stand in silent protest over laws that that limit marriage equality to 364 days per year. The ceremonial "taking off of rings" will be followed by a mass renewing of vows to show support for the freedom to marry for all, 365 days a year. Learn more and RSVP today >>>

#Married364 CrowdSource
Share your photos and let us know why you're protesting policies that target married, same-sex couples. Tag your photos with @equalitync and #Married364.


TAKE ACTION: Tell Gov. McCrory to Stop Forcing Couples to Be #Married364
Sign the petition asking Gov. McCrory to support a consistent tax policy: joint tax filings for all legally-married couples living in North Carolina. Sign the petition >>>

#Married364 Online Discussion
As we kicked-off the 15-day countdown to April 15th, hundreds joined us for a two-hour discussion and Q&A on how inequitable tax policies are impacting real North Carolinians. The discussion took place in the comments section of Equality NC's News & Observer op-ed on what it's like to feel married 364 days a year. Read the op-ed >>>

North Carolina Announces New Tax Directives for Same-Sex Spouses
On October 18, the North Carolina Department of Revenue released a new directive on tax filing status for legally-married same sex couples living in North Carolina. According to the directive, because North Carolina does not recognize same-sex marriages, individuals who enter into a same-sex marriage in another state will not be able to file a state of North Carolina personal income tax return using the filing status of 'married filing jointly' or 'married filing separately.'

#Married364 South Carolina Event (Hosted by SC Equality)
South Carolina's married, same-sex couples have committed to being married every day of the year. Unfortunately, thanks to unfair tax policies by SC's Dept of Revenue, married, same-sex couples must report that they are not married on the day they file their state taxes. Basically, in South Carolina they're married only 364 days a year - its like being asked to take off their wedding ring on Tax Day.

Refuse to Lie (Hosted by Campaign for Southern Equality)
Across the country, legally married same-sex couples are taking a stand. We’re refusing to lie. And we’re calling for state laws and policies that recognize our families as fully equal.

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