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Oct 1, 2012

Historic Number of LGBT Candidates Out to Serve North Carolina This Election Season

Spurred by the Amendment One fight, this fall’s election includes the most out LGBT legislative candidates in North Carolina ever. Right now, three gay or lesbian candidates--Deb Butler, Susan Wilson, and Marcus Brandon--have come out for the right to serve our state in this historic general election for pro-equality hopefuls...and they need your help.

“We could see our LGBT representation in the North Carolina General Assembly triple,” said Equality NC Action Fund executive director Stuart Campbell. “Conversely, anti-equality candidates could defeat all three of them without the support of our members. A lot will depend on whether Equality NC Action Fund and these pro-equality candidates can continue to raise the money necessary to compete in tough races from the mountains to the coast, so that’s going to be our main focus for the next five weeks.”

Deb Butler | State Senate | District 9

(Running Against Thom Goolsby, Representing New Hanover County)

Deb Butler

Deb Butler

One of the most exciting candidates in the 2012 field is openly-gay and ardently pro-equality candidate Deb Butler who seeks to unseat Amendment One supporter Thom Gooslby in the anti-Amendment One county of New Hanover. Butler's savvy campaign work and common sense solutions for getting people back to work and working for families makes for a strong challenger in a vulnerable district for a conservative incumbent.

| Campaign Website | Volunteer | Follow Deb at @Deb_Butler|

"My fear, as a North Carolinian, is that people in other places don't know our heart…but you know and I know that inclusion and diversity are good things. Bigotry and hatred are not. Not only are they bad for each of us as human beings, but they're bad for the business of North Carolina. And that is why we don't put civil rights to a vote. Because we know that a minority will always suffer at the hands of the majority. We should be focused on jobs, educating our children. We have big challenges in North Carolina. Hate, fear and bigotry have no place in North Carolina." - Deb Butler

Susan Wilson | State House | District 115

(Open Seat, Representing Buncombe County)

Susan Wilson

Susan Wilson

Openly-lesbian candidate Susan Wilson faces anti-equality Nathan Ramsey for the open seat in House District 115, part of anti-Amendment One Buncombe County. Wilson promises progressive change for the western region, with a perfect score on the Equality NC LGBT issue-based questionnaire, strong connections in the community and a pledge to put "people above politics."

| Campaign Website | Volunteer | Follow Susan at @WilsonforHouse |

"This legislature redistricted the political lines in North Carolina to eliminate half of the women and minorities in the House and Senate. It has cut funding for women’s health care and has attacked rights women secured 20 years ago. The legislature has attacked the rights of unmarried parents through Amendment 1, threatening the privacy rights and freedom of religion of all citizens. I do not want my granddaughters to grow up having to fight for the same rights we already won." - Susan Wilson

Marcus Brandon | State House | District 60

(Incumbent, Representing Guilford County)

Marcus Brandon

Marcus Brandon

Arguably the most visible opponent of Amendment One, barring relationship recognitions for same-sex couples, was openly-gay Rep. Marcus Brandon, who famously responded to those who used their religion to justify the discriminatory constitutional rewrite, saying "there is nothing Jesus about that law."

| Campaign Website | Volunteer | Follow Marcus at @KMarcusBrandon |

On the campaign to defeat Amendment One: “We fought as hard as we could in North Carolina, but it’s a hard fight to win. Still, we don’t give up, we won’t back down and we’ll continue to fight. And one day, we will win it.” - Marcus Brandon

Support these LGBT candidates and other preferred pro-equality leaders by giving to the Equality NC Action Fund today.

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