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Sep 4, 2012

Historic LGBT Caucus Leads Way for Marriage Equality #DNC2012

Charlotte, N.C. - Tuesday afternoon’s LGBT Caucus from the Democratic National Convention (#LGBTdnc) featured Obama Administration notables such as Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett and Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius presiding over a packed room of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgnder (LGBT) delegates and media. The LGBT caucus took on a historic tone with the formal announcement of the Party’s platform in support of full marriage equality, as well as calls for continued support for the first sitting President to support the freedom to marry.

Valerie Jarrett address capacity crowds from the LGBT Caucus. #DNC2012

Valerie Jarrett address capacity crowds from the LGBT Caucus. #DNC2012 (Credit: Laura Meadows)

Amid a recap of Obama Administration accomplishments in support of the LGBT community, such as the repeal of DADT and ending the judicial defense of DOMA, Chair of LGBT Caucus Rick Stafford announced to the cheering capacity crowd, “today is officially Marriage Equality Day for our caucus, but more importantly for the National Democratic Party."

Administration officials drew a contrast between the pro-LGBT positions taken by the current administration against possible changes under a Romney Administration. Secretary Sebelius cautioned that recent gains "will be gone in 30 days...and perhaps for a generation."

State-level candidates also joined in the chorus, as openly-lesbian N.C. Senate hopeful Deb Butler called for voters to right the wrongs of past elections by heading back to the ballot box in November. "Get candidates of good conscious elected now,” said Butler.

CLICK HERE to read the full party platform.

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